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Ultimate trading experience. Covering FOREX/CRYPTO/STOCKS.
Includes Breakout EDGE system/EA v3.0
for full-auto trading. Based on MT4. Over 100 000 pips won by ProjectSyndicate systems since inception. 50+ traders in the ProjectSyndicate Lifetime Traders Group.

BOE v3.0 EA

Lifetime Bundle includes Breakout Edge system and EA v3.0 for full-auto trading. >50 000 pips won since inception. targeting 300+ pips/day.

Primary Scanner system

Lifetime Bundle includes Primary Scanner system v3.0 based on advanced reversal algos. Strong track record since inception in 2020. 75%+ win rate.

Mean Revert PRO system

Lifetime Bundle includes Mean Revert PRO system v1.0 for short-term trading / scalping. Supports M5/M15/M30/H1 TF.

Syndicate Breakout Edge v3.0

The most advanced system to trade breakouts in forex markets with high win rate based on AI algos.

EA expert advisor​

System includes EA for full-auto trading. EA is the most advanced bot for MT4, trades a basket of currencies and seeks breakouts every day. Risk is controlled via max DD parameter, exposure is controlled via max risk setting.​

Decision Trees and Genetic Algo

System is using advanced statistics and probabilities, including Decision Trees to rank FX pairs by multiple factors. Genetic algo inside: system adopts to market conditions, detects range/trend/flat markets and will adjust risk according to underlying conditions.

Flexible settings, two modes

EA got a lot of settings and can be adjusted for lower/higher risk trading. Also there are two modes inside the system - Daily/Weekly. In daily mode EA will seek to trade every day, in weekly mode system will put on a basket trade once a week (great for swing trading).


ProjectSyndicate Lifetime Bundle offers best value for money, includes all current + future systems, set of indicators for manual trading, EA for full-auto trading, advanced price action course and much more. Our own coders team is constantly working on improving systems, accuracy and hit rates and we strive to release new updates every month. Includes access to all signals channels: FX low risk, FX high risk, BOE daily/weekly, stocks, crypto, alt coins TOP400, Mean Revert PRO (FX).


Over 100 000 pips won since inception in 2020


Lifetime Bundle includes system to trade forex/stocks/crypto markets. So you get more exposure and reduce your overall risk by trading multiple markets.


ProjectSyndicate is a TOP-rated trader on TradingView with over 15 years of trading experience in forex/stocks/crypto.


all future updates and new systems are free for owners of the lifetime bundle


Access to all signals channels for forex/crypto/stocks is included with lifetime bundle.


All ProjectSyndicate systems are based on strong unconventional algos, which are further enhanced by AI and probability ranking.

Pricing and payment options. Currently payment via BTC/USDT ERC20 only.


$1 000

12 months access

System with EA

$2 000

12 months access


$20 000


Recent reviews from owners of the lifetime bundle

Just bought the lifetime bundle recently, started using primary scanner and BOE EA. Paid off for the investment within 4 weeks, using low risk settings and SET files for BOE system. Highly recommended, great experience and friendly support.
Anabelle Simmons
Full-time trader
Hey guys, just wanted to reach out and say thank you! Got the lifetime bundle to trade stocks and forex. So far so good. Support got me setup within 2 hours after the payment, via TeamViewer. Running scanner and BOE systems for a month now. Worth the money, absolutely. Targeting 5-10% returns per week, I'm using low risk set files and conservative money management rules to get the most out of it.
JR Smith
trader stocks/forex
Excellent systems and so far making money, joined about 6 months ago and never regretted getting the lifetime bundle with the ProjectSyndicate. Breakout Edge is an extremely effective system to get daily returns in FX markets with low risk, targeting 300 pips per day, this is more than enough to get decent returns in FX. Finally, there is also a lot more to it. There are systems to trade crypto and stocks as well, and DS posts frequent money making setups in crypto space! Pleased with my purchase.
Lane D.
Full-time trader
Previously was scammed a lot on Telegram/TradingView. However, this time around I got the ProjectSyndicate Lifetime bundle. Joined the traders team of 50+ lifetime group traders. Using the Primary Scanner system to get daily trade setups in FX/crypto and I also take swing trade setups from DS. The indicators for manual trading are amazing, especially the TimeWarp system, very accurate forecasts for crypto and forex markets. Can use standalone or with other Syndicate systems. ProjectSyndicate is highly recommended and definitely worth the investment.
A Hamilton
Trader FX/crypto

Frequently asked questions

Payment options: ONLY BTC / USDT ERC20

What is ProjectSyndicate?

ProjectSyndicate is a TOP-rated trader on
TradingView with 40 000 followers. We focus on
developing algo-based trading systems for

What systems/signals do you offer?

Signals for FX/crypto/indices/metals/oil/stocks. Scanner system based on MT4. Breakout Edge system and EA based on MT4. EA is an expertadvisor add-on for MT4 for full-auto trading.

What is the recent track record of the systems and results?

>100 000 pips in FX since inception in January
2020. Average pips per month: 4 000 pips +
for the scanner. For BOE v.30 300+ pips per day.

How many signals every day / every week?

4-8 signals per day. 20-40 signals / week

What’s the real WIN rate since inception?

75% win rate since inception in Jan 2020

What’s included in the bundle with scanner?

Scanner system, license keys, PDF on the scanner, set of proprietary indicators for manual trading / confirmation (not required / optional). Advanced price action course (200+ pages). EA based on different algo for intraday trading. Access to Signals Channels (Forex/Crypto/Stocks)